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Hair Transplantation from Beard

Hair Transplantation from Beard

Since the nape donor area is narrowed in large shedding, the number of roots that can be taken is limited and these few number of roots cannot provide enough density to meet the patient’s expectation. Beard and chest hair transplantation is a serious solution in cases where the nape donor area is insufficient. Chest hairs, which are among these donor areas, do not grow and are of very poor quality, because of which the beard stands out. Although the labor and money spent in planting is the same, only 2 chest hairs can provide the density of one beard hair. On the other hand, chest hair does not grow, while beard hair grows just like nape hair.

Application of Hair Transplantation from Beard

Beard Hair Transplantation is performed by taking 4000-5000 grafts from the beard area, especially in people with large and dense hairy beard area. 1000 beard roots provide the covering effect of 1500-2000 hairs. As the beard is of higher quality, it is more efficient than the covering effect of the hair.

Beard taking is mostly done under the jaw, neck and cheekbones which are unnecessary parts of the beard. Up to 1500 grafts can be taken in one day. After 2 months, roots can be taken again from the same area. Each root taking causes some amount of thinning.

This stepped application of beard hair transplantation gives the person the opportunity to get as much beard hairs as he wants to transplant. Depending on the thinning effect after graft taking, the person may want to have more or less thinning. Thus, beard taking also provides a depilation effect.

Usually, we take roots from the jaw, neck and cheekbones, which are the unnecessary areas of the beard, while we can also take roots from the normal beard area from the ones with dense enough beard to provide some depilation effect.

Questions about Hair Transplantation from Beard

Will Be Any Scar in the Area from Which the Roots Are Taken?

If the graft is removed with the appropriate technique and fine intake tips, there will be no scarring in the beard area from which the grafts are taken. As shown in the pictures, although there is a significant thinning effect, there is no sign of scars.

How many beard roots can be taken?

Between 300 and 5,000 grafts can be taken depending on the size and density of the beard area.

Is it harmful?

It does not cause any determined harm.

Does it hurt a lot?

You will experience less pain when compared to root taking from the nape.

Will my hairs be thicker?

Your hair will be so natural that it cannot be distinguished from normal hair.

Does it grow like normal hair?

Yes, it grows continuously like normal hair.